Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Folks have 2 pay 2 use community hall

Once LooKCow left MPSJ as councillor, he still put on his best effort to gain the right for the community from the council. Meanwhile he hope that the council would consider the residents requisition.

{Dr Kow said the council should trust the local leaders in handling the facilities.

"It's reasonable to charge fees if the halls are used for functions, such as dinners, weddings or other commercial programmes. But the council should waive the fees for this kind of routine community activities."

"The existence of such facilities is to encourage community programmes, but what the council is doing now is the opposite," he said.
Dr Kow added that MPSJ had the intention of charging the residents for using the facilities in 2002, but as a councillor back then, he managed to put a stop to it.

"I believe the assessment rates collected are enough to cover the maintenance of these facilities, including basketball courts," he said.}

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